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Here's the short version of a longer story... I started my career in accounting. Over time, I found myself drifting--or being pulled--towards what I perceived to be higher value creation. Time and time again, I would end up with my hands in the soil. Eventually, through a myriad of experiences, I was dead set the only way to really create this value was to start my own little farm: a small--but broad acre-farm where I could improve the land acting as a steward and the "by-product" was delicious, nutritious food. I was focused on perennial crops, and holistically guiding animals through the landscape as an ethical omnivore. I have learned by countless trials and errors, have gone deeper into "this" than I would have bet I ever would, and now have a passion for good food in our Pacific Northwest region that runs deeper and deeper each day. Considered nutty by many I wouldn't have it any other way. There is nothing else for me to do (I mean this in a good way!). I have met and connected with so many local, ethical farmers, ranchers and food peeps; the next logical step was to help connect my farm and those around me to a distribution system, local and resilient by design, disconnected from a global marketplace best it can be -- a true local food hub. Enter Acme Farms + Kitchen from the north in Bellingham, and serving Seattle. Joy's decade of experience and [local food] system development provides us with an unparalleled guidance to dent the universe in a good way in our local community. We have so much gratitude and excitement. Working with Joy and her team, the Pink Flamingo Farm and Food hub is roaring onto our Seattle scene. Spread the word. Sign-up for a recipe-based subscription box that is fully customizable. Add on other grocery favorites too. And enjoy a meal with your friends and family. No matter what they say, real food really is our medicine.

When I asked my 3 year old daughter what she would grow or raise on the farm, which is called The Little Farm by the Sea, she said Pink Flamingos. Naturally our Greater Seattle food hub is called Pink Flamingo Farm & Food.

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